3 Tips To Make Your Towable Tube Last Longer

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What is towable tube?

Tubing is one of the most adventurous watersports out there! Just take a seat and hold on tight for a wild ride on the water.

It is amazing to share the thrill off tubing with your friends willst your spending your weekend out on the water!

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To make sure you can enjoy your towable tube as long as possible we’ve gathered 3 tips for you

Tip number 1. Read the safety instructions and check the tube before use.

Before use always check the pressure and take a minute to inflate the tube when it has gone a little soft. On all our floats are warning stickers with the safety instructions on it.

The towable will be lower in the water when it’s not fully inflated which will put more stress on the tube and might even damage the cover, rope or even make damage to your boat, because you are pulling the tube through the water instead of pulling it over the water.

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Tip 2. Keep us out off the sun willst your relaxing after your ride.

When you are finished tubing, and plan to hang around at the beach to relax, make sure you take care of your raft first.

Don’t leave the raft in the sun for a while or it will expand. Release a bit of air and put it in the shade. This also prevents discolouring.

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Tip 3. Dry us!

After spending a day out on the water with your favourite raft you would like to keep it in perfect shape for your next weekend out at the Beach…after you’ve washed it with fresh water the best option is to hang the raft outside in the wind or at your garage to let it dry for a few hours before you pack it to prevent it from getting moldy.

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