Best Beach Ball in 2020

beach ball

We all enjoy a nice trip to the beach however, a beach trip is not complete without the classic beach staple: a beach ball.

To make your choice easier, our article reviews the best beach balls we came across in our research. We also give you hints on how to find a beach ball.

What Are Beach Balls Made Out Of?
Most beach balls are made of vinyl (PVC). This is a good material of choice since it’s lightweight, performs well in the sun and gives the ball some durability.

How To Blow Up A Beach Ball?
Different methods can be used depending on the size and valve of your beach ball. For example, smaller balls can mouth-inflated. Don’t forget that you may have to pinch the valve to allow the air in. On the other hand, medium and large balls may require a hand or foot pump, while giant beach balls are best inflated with electric pumps.

How To Deflate A Beach Ball?
You do this by pinching the base of the air valve to let the air out. You can even put a straw into the hole to hold the valve open. When it’s almost completely deflated, you may need to squeeze the last of the air out. If you used an electric pump to inflate the ball, you can also deflate it by putting the pump in reverse.

Our Pick:

  1. Glitter Clear Beach Ball
beach ball

The inflatable glitter beach ball are filled with confetti sequin, and when you move the beach ball the glitter sequin creates changing different effects under the sunlight.

2. LED Light Up Beach Ball

The beach ball glows in the dark, can be changed 13 colors and different function by remote controller. It can be a beautiful decoration or just as a normal beach ball.

3. Beach Ball filled with Feathers

The beach ball is filled with light soft feathers. The process of rolling produces static electricity, which allows the feathers to fill the entire beach ball, bright and beautiful.

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