Guide to Buying Water Towable Tubes For Boating

Every boater knows that the best way to enjoy the cool waves is on a water towable tubes for boating. No matter what type of outdoor water sports activity you enjoy, water ski towable tubes are essential behind a boat to a true summer sports experience and family fun. It is necessary to understand some of the basics so that you may select a high-quality tubes that meet your family use. Whether you want a huge 4 person tube to tow all of your friends or a soft lounge cockpit to soak up the sun, Super Inflatable has the right products for you.

Parts of towable tubes

A standard tube is composed of cover, bladder, towable tube boston air valve and tow hook. What’s the material of these parts? Let’s go on!


Usually, nylon is the most popular material for towable covers. It typically comes in different thicknesses or weights, commonly referred to as denier. The greater the denier number, the stronger the nylon is going to be. Note here that higher denier numbers will typically be found on more expensive towable tubes that are designed for multiple riders.

As a guideline, a 420 denier is typically used on single tube and double tube. This denier is lighter, thinner, and should only be considered when purchasing 2 person and below towable.

An 840 denier is twice heavier than a 420 denier. You will find it between 3 person to 4 person tube. Deniers at this weight are not simply heavier, but they are also stronger and used typically in more expensive, larger ski tube

An 1680 denier is the heaviest nylon you will find in towables. Deniers at this weight are for commercial used. The towables can hold up to six person. Besides, some tubes for rentals need super quality, our factory can customize reinforce tow system and heavy duty tarpaulin bottom cover.

If you need OEM towable tube replacement cover, we may help you.

towable tube cover
towable tube replacement cover


PVC Vinyl

In addition to being used as a coating material on bottoms of kid’s snow tube, Vinyl is also the material used for all of the bladders or inner tubes of towables. The material comes in several thicknesses, measured by gauge. All PVC used in towables range from 24-gauge to 36-gauge, and are considered to be heavy duty. As a comparison, inexpensive pool toys are considered to be made of 10-gauge to 14-gauge.

towable tube bladder replacement
towable tube bladder replacement

Boston valve

Inflate and deflate parts.

towable tube valve
towable tube air valve

Tow hook

Towable tube quick connect

towable tow hook
towable tube tow hook

Here is a run-down of the different types and their general purposes to provide assistance in making the right buying decision for every family.

Round Donut

The oldest shape in towable. It is also the cheapest single tube for tube on the market. Adults will typically use it as a lay-on-top towable and find it easy to get the tube outside of the wake. Due to its small size and high center of gravity, this shape towable tends to roll over quite easily. It’s good choice if you like this feeling.

Suggest: Ideal for first-time buyers due to the price. Not recommended for the young rider.

Deck Tubes

Deck tubes are flat, lay-on-top towables that come in a number of different shapes. Whether round, D-shaped, or delta-shaped, deck tubes can be used by as few as 1 rider and as many as 4 riders simultaneously. Deck tubes typically are fully covered, offering a thrill-riding experience. Deck tubes can cross wake easily and their low-profile keep the rider’s face close to the water for a true speed experience on the water.

towable tube for jet ski
Deck towable tube for jet ski


Just like deck tubes, ride-in tubes come in a variety of shapes and sizes that allow for anywhere from 1 to 4 riders simultaneously. The term ‘ride-in’ means the rider sits down inside of the towable. Most models have inflated floors or seating areas that provide comfortable, dry areas for the rider.

More expensive ride-in tubes offer neoprene head rests as well as fully nylon-covered sides and floors. Usually riders will be hard-pressed to tip ride-in tubes due to their low center of gravity.

Suggest: Ideal for young children and adults who prefer dry, comfortable experiences. Ride-in tubes provide the feeling of comfort and security while still providing a thrilling rider experience.

best towable tube for adults
Rider in towable tube for sale


Designed specifically for performance, concept towables can fly, roll, and perform other unique tubing experiences. Typically more expensive, concept tubes can provide a unique thrill that is unmatched with any other towable.


Designed for rentals. Use the most quality material( 36-gauge bladder, 1680 denier cover) and up to 6 riders.

Suggest:Find them in water park.

round-up 6-person towable tube
Commerial round-up 6-person towable tube

That’s our suggestions for your boating tube. If you have questions as to which water tubes are right for your family, send us email and welcome hearing from you.

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