Custom Rigid Boards from 40L to 140L


DH design offers increased performance through the simplicity of design.  Made with the strongest materials and carbon fiber reinforcements, you will quickly appreciate the simplicity of design while on the water, with the superior stability, effortless release from the water, and the agility of such a well-balanced winging machine.

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  • Size: 40 L / 60 L / 80 L / 108 L / 120 L / 140 L
  • Smaller sizes are more narrow for improved performance in planning
  • Larger sizes offer more rocker stability while standing
  • Using a lightweight 14kg/m3 EPS core, bamboo reinforced with two layers of fiberglass on top and bottom,
  • A carbon fiber polymer and PVC reinforcement on the track box and deck.
  • Kevlar is added to all-round sides for increased durability.
  • An auto-regulating vent plug that does not require removal.


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