Double-line Parafoil Kites Rainbow Sports Stunt Kite Easy Flyer for Beach Park

Product name: Rainbow Sports Stunt Kite
Size: 1.2m 1.4m 2m 2.7m
Material: Polyester, polyester

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The Rainbow Sports Stunt Kite can bring you good mood, provide positive energy for your life.


If you want to challenge yourself, I suggest you buy this stunt kite. Skilled technology can make it more fun.



1.2*0.5m 0.2kg 47*15*4cm
1.4*0.6m 0.2kg 25*22*4cm
2*0.8m 0.4kg 28*26*5cm
2.7*0.97cm 0.6kg 30*23*6cm


Primary stunt kite, for beginners, easy to fly.
Designed with fashion pattern, it is beautiful and classic.
Dual lined parafoil kites for pure stunt flying fun.
Suitable for flying in the weather of 3-5 wind level.
Suitable for flying in the open areas, such as the beach, parks and other places.


Kite flying is a funny outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by all ages.
Go out to breath fresh air with your family or friends.
Come on to try this kite for your entertainment.
The eye-catching color, concise pattern and fine workmanship.


Pay-off skills:
1. Start to pay off, and the two lines must be separated in parallel and equal length.

2. Tie the two threads to the corner knots of the kite according to the binding technique.

3. Keep the kite facing the wind and stand backwards.

Takeoff skills:
1. Stand leeward and tighten the double line with both hands. Retreat slightly, and at the same time, quickly pull the double line backwards to take off.

2. When the wind speed is insufficient, people need to retreat quickly to raise the kite.

It does not wind up and land like a traditional kite, but uses the wind to land in the wind and crosswind. This technique must be mastered well, otherwise the kite will fall heavily to the ground.

1. Landing in the wind: Slowly control the cable, let the kite fly to one to two meters above the ground, and pull the kite body straight. People move forward, so that the kite loses its momentum, and it can land slowly with the feeling of floating in the air.

2. Crosswind landing: When the wind is strong, the kite can be pulled to the side of the wind direction, lower the height, and descend slowly.



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