EVA Foam Water Pool Floating Hammock

Made with a full 2 inches of marine-quality, closed-cell foam technology
Durable, heat-processed PVC vinyl coating resists the effects of chlorine, sun and salt water and prevents tears, splits and punctures
Outstanding support and remarkable buoyancy
Flexible foam
Resists punctures, even when submitted to 90 lbs. of force
Size:74″L x 26″W x 2″D

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EVA Foam Water Pool Floating Hammock

Water Hammock is designed for float and soak at the same time. This design offers simultaneous relaxation and suspension. Dual zone cushioning for extra support and comfort. Designed to allow more of your body to be under water than with traditional pool floats.

Floating Hammock
Spec 45″ x 18″
Thickness 0.75″
Texture Convoluted
Available colors Pacific Blue, Aqua Blue, White, Red, Yellow, Teal, Key Lime, Turquoise Metallic: request color
Printing Customized Design




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