Extreme 3 Person Towable Water Tube

840D Full Nylon Cover
65″ x 86″
3 Riders
1 Tow Points
28/24-ga. PVC Tube Construction
Deck Tube Style
1 Lightning/4 Eco Valves
510 lbs Capacity

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Extreme 3 Person Towable Water Tube

The Lightning Valve is similar to the Boston Valve except that it is attached to the towable, so there are no parts to keep up with or lose. The wider opening inflates and deflates 57% faster than the Boston Valve. An interior flap prevents air from escaping, even if the cap is not in place. Inside diameter of the valve measures 30mm.

Deck towable with Softec technology
Full 840D nylon cover
Soft webbing handles for easy holding
Quick-connect tow hook
Tube Construction 28/24-ga. PVC
Tube Style Deck
Valve 1 Lightning/4 Eco Valves
Weight Capacity 510 lbs
Unit Weight 36.00 lb




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