Ice Shelter Pop-up Waterproof Fishing Tent 2-Person Portable Ice Tent

Product name: Ice fishing tent
Material: 300D oxford fabric
Size: 58″(L) X 58″(W) X 66″(H)
Color: Blue or Customized
Features: Waterproof, Pop-up Design, Windowproof
Space: Fit 2-3 people

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Looking forward to an ice fishing adventure? Then you need to find a properly shelter before you go. Why not try our ice fishing tent?


Light Yet Sturdy:
Integrated solid glass rod with 300D oxford fabric, this tent with only 22lbs weight can well stand up to the test of time. It features weather resistance allowing you a longtime utility with such a light yet sturdy mobile tent house.


With sturdy oxford fabric covering all over the body, it guarantees you a waterproof using experience and also minus 22°F frost resistance design surely doubles your joy in outdoor activities. 4 total covered windows on the tent are detachable.


Easy Assembly:
It contains strong flexible poles that make the tent easy to assemble and easy to tear down according to a clear instruction. It aims to wipe out your annoyance of installation, which perfectly saves your time and efficiency.


Easy Transport:
It is quite suitable for outdoor fishing for its portable and lightweight characteristics. It contains steaks to hold the tent down and a traveler bag to easily transport the tent to wherever you want.


Enough Capacity:
It can easily fit 2-3 people and contains windows that allow light in but keep the air out, perfect for couples or families to have it. It is a comfortable accommodation as a ice shelter for you while fishing outside.



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