Kiteboarding Control Bar with Rope Kitesurf Bar for Kite Flying

Product name: Kitesurfing Control Bar
Material: Nylon, EVA Foam
Size: 52cm, 55cm
Color: Blue+Orange or Red+Black
Logo: Customized
Accessories: Rope

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1. Kitesurfing Control Bar makes flying slightly easier and lets you get used to controlling a kite with a bar when training for kite boarding
2. Premium kitesurfing control bar, fixed length safety control system, high strength, lightweight, abrasion-resistant and durable
3. Easy to distinguish left, right hand by black and red colors
4. We offered ropes with Max capacity 500 lbs and 1000 lbs for you to choose from
5. Made of nylon tube covered with diamond grooved EVA foam, makes it more comfortable when you use it



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